Sebastian Volland

Software Development

Hi, my name is Sebastian Volland, I'm a freelance software developer from Cologne, Germany with over 10 years experience developing applications for web, desktop and mobile. I provide:

App development - iPhone, iPad, Mac

I provide iOS app development for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. I use Apple's integrated development environment XCode and the programming languages Objective C and C++ to build apps. I'm familiar with Apple's guidelines and review process and I can help you realize your app idea and bring it to the App Store. One of my great passions is game development. My game development framework of choice for 2D games is Cocos2d. Beside iOS development I also provide Mac application development.

Web development

I have over 10 years experience in web development. Before I decided to become self-employed, I worked over 8 years in the IT industry as a Senior Software Engineer where I maintainted large web applications. My programming language of choice for web based projects is PHP on the backend. I provide clean HTML5 and CSS and I know how to transform a designer's PSD file to appropriate (CMS-) templates. JavaScript is one of my favorite languages. I use it for interactive web sites, HTML5 games and server-side nodejs applications. I'm not afraid to handle low-level in-depth tasks like developing apache modules in C or hacking and recompile nginx. I have the required skills to set up and maintain web servers, recompile the Linux kernel if needed, write bash shell scripts, set up cron jobs etc. Linux is my operating system of choice for server based tasks (mainly Ubuntu, Debian). I love the commandline. If I have the choice, I prefer to work on a project by logging into remote server with SSH and program in my favorite text editor vim


Here are some of my own projects or projects I contributed to.

Reimmaschine Reimmaschine — Reimmaschine is a german rhyme dictionary. There is a web based version and also an universal app optimized for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch available on the App Store. The backend uses PHP and MySQL and the app has been programmed in Objective C. Download on the App Store
FinalFighter FinalFighter — Tank deathmatch game available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch on the App Store. Written in Objective C and C++ using the Cocos2d framework. Download on the App Store
prototype4 prototype4 is a 2D shoot 'em up HTML5 canvas game written from scratch in JavaScript. The game has been featured as Chrome Experiment. The full source code is available on GitHub. is a cloud-based web development software, optimizing and devlivering the sites you you developed in FITML to every device. I worked on this platform as Senior Software Engineer in a large development team during my 8 year full-time employment at Sevenval.
Here are some of my open source contributions on GitHub.

Customer Feedback

Sebastian is the perfect combination of professionalism and experience. He is an excellent programmer and almost more importantly, I trust he will get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. He is straight forward and honest, and makes sure the project gets done right. Job type: iPhone Game Development with PHP backend
I cannot say enough good things about working with Sebastian. I came to him with the request of building a prototype for a mobile application for iOS. Sebastian impressed me with the following: - He is extremely organized, thoughtful and clear in his communication. - He works extremely quickly and gets things done! - He is extremely smart and a very talented developer. He had no problem picking up new skills along the way. - His coding is extremely organized and very well done. - Wonderful attitude and great personality. I highly recommend Sebastian! Job type: iPhone App Development
It was a pleasure working with Sebastian. He was timely with his responses, and he is a wonderful writer you who writes extremely detailed and comprehensive responses. Despite my lack of technical skill, Sebastian was patient and willing to answer all of my questions. Job type: iPhone App Development
Very professional, great quality of work. Top contractor, very easy to communicate, extremely helpful. Very recommended. Thank you! Job type: Web Application Development

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